Tips for Online Fashion Shopping Securely

Advances in technology now allows us to perform all activities easily and quickly. Online shopping is one example of a result of the development of technology. Shop online now is more and more present to meet the needs of our daily lives that many offer a variety of quality products but at lower prices because of the chain of distribution. Millions of people enjoy the convenience of shopping on the internet. But not a few fake online stores are trying to deceive buyers online. Here are some tips on shopping via the internet:

online shopping

  • For the safety of shopping online, the credit card company launched its Cardholder Authentication Identity. Services using a personal password, to provide assurance that only you can use the card.
  • Use a secure site. Find the letter ‘s’ after ‘http’ in the web page address. See also the padlock at the bottom of the screen, it means the site is using Secure Sockets Layer, which ensure the security of communication.
  • Compare the product first before buying. Better buy common items (books, movies, etc.) and do not need the size.
  • Never send personal information via e-mail.
  • When calculating the final price of an item, do not forget the cost of shipping / tax. We recommend you read the rules before shipping & returns on the home page of the store concerned.
  • Keep the transaction receipt.
  • See the privacy statements of each store / merchant.

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