Simple Fashion Tips For Apple Shaped Women

How to Wear Tops and Jackets if you have Apple Shaped Women. Blouses and other tops with V-necks help draw attention away from the midsection. Cap sleeves are usually a good option with these tops. The bottom part of the blouse or top should flare out slightly. Tailored jackets look good when worn over nice tops. Lighter colors look good for Apple Shaped Women when worn with dark skirts or pants.

Apple Shaped Women

Choosing Skirts and Pants. If your skirts or pants have zippers, look for ones that zip on the sides. Skirts should be fairly loose-fitting, as should pant legs. Shoes and Accessories. If your calves and ankles aren’t heavy, you’ll want to choose shoes that help show Apple Shaped Women. Wedge-shaped heels work especially well. If you have a thick waist and small hips, then you have an apple shaped body. Don’t envy the pear shaped girls and hourglass figures. First of all, unlike a pear shaped girl or hourglass figure, an apple girl’s waist isn’t the narrowest part of her torso. By bringing the waistline of your dresses and tops to your rib cage, the effect seen in empire waist clothes, you get a shapely figure. So focus on empire waist dresses and blouses. They flatter you.

Dresses are hot and they skim the natural waist. Many of them have empire waists. The lace black dress with long sleeves is in. As is the pretty flowy top with big sleeves.

  1. Start with a new dress. Colored or neutral.
  2. Detract from you thick waist by drawing the eye to your arms and legs. You blouse should have full sleeves.
  3. Get one of the black lace dresses that are so hot this season. Make that your de facto little black dress.
  4. Wear earrings to draw attention to your pretty face.


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