Looks Chic and Fashionable with Tunic

Looks Chic and Fashionable with TunicInstead by adding just a few fashion-forward pieces to their closet, women can ensure their style never grows old without break their budget. This year’s choices in tops are rather eclectic, including strapped camisoles, tailored shirts, vintage tees, and ruffled blouses. To find the right bottoms to go with your tunic, check out stores like Norm Thompson and Fashion Bug. Jeans and Slacks. If you want to look chic, you should pair your tunic with skinny jeans that make your legs look longer and leaner. If you prefer to pair your tunic with slacks instead of jeans, you should go for trouser cut slacks. Note that the tunic is designed to make your torso look longer so if you pair it with flared or straight-cut jeans, your legs may end up looking shorter that they are. Skirts To make your legs look longer and leaner, you should pair your tunic with pencil cut skirts and high heels. Since catwalk ensembles are not always wearable for the average woman, designers have also applied these new styles and textures to everyday wardrobe pieces like Ladies tops and tunics.

Tunics are among the most popular wardrobe pieces for spring or fall since the weather is quite variable during these transitional seasons. This style is no longer limited to those stereotypical hippie tie-die numbers or frumpy, shapeless pullovers. The modern tunic is extremely versatile, and one can find these tops in a huge array of fabrics, cuts and styles. One can pair a tunic with a skirt, leggings, jeans or even shorts since these shirts can have any sleeve style or no sleeves at all. Longer tunics may double as short dresses or swimsuit covers, while belted varieties can serve as light jackets on blustery days.

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