8 Beauty Trends That Should be Avoided by Women.

Many methods are used to attract the attention of women to men. Such as makeup and hair perfectly charming. But, for some reason, most women assumption was wrong.

Some beauty trends applied to women only made him afraid. What are the sets that must be avoided in order not to make him uncomfortable? We have signed up eight faults trend that should be avoided.

1. Stubble
Michelle Williams and Emma Watson was amazing with short hair. Although some men like hair pieces, most men are more attracted to women with long hair. Moreover, if short hair did not fit with your face.

8 Beauty Trends That Should be Avoided by Women

8 Beauty Trends That Should be Avoided by Women

2. Red lipstick
Strange but true. Most men do not like women with red lipstick. The red color on the lips of women reminding them to the mother. This can be a serious problem when you plan gets first kiss of a lover.

In fact, men would prefer to see a neat woman. Especially the hair. Neatness hair even more to attract their attention. Avoid dressing like ‘witch’ if you do not want to distance the man you love.

3. Dark blue eyeshadow and somkey eyes
Many women assume a dark blue eyeshadow very fashionable. However, it must be used appropriately. If not, you will look horrible.

4. False eyelashes
If not good at choosing and using false eyelashes, avoid. The lack of skills to use these items would make him afraid. Especially if the false eyelashes cause a shadow on the upper cheeks when exposed to sunlight. If forced, believe me, he will soon pass out of your sight.

5. Thick eyebrows
Thick eyebrows is a beauty trend at the moment. Many models and actresses with thick eyebrows look very exotic. However, the only artist who could see it as something beautiful. If you are not able to match the artist, do not try to let the eyebrows grow thick and unkempt.

6. Messy hair
Messy hair trend as a trend just got up after force was used by Huntungton-Whiteley Rosie and Jennifer Aniston. Kristen Stewart is very loved was seen visiting crowd with style ‘horrible’ it.

7. Men do not like lip gloss with wet effect
Lip gloss with wet effect will be very looked stunning when used Kim Kardashian and Ashlee Simpson. But sometimes these styles seem too good to be imitated. When you stick to the hair wet lips with lip gloss, he will be very uncomfortable.

8. Nail Ornament
Lengthen nails and decorate with different colors and painting did not make you more charming. If excessive, eg with a decorative embossed with various images, it makes men afraid of it.

Avoid eight trends that made men afraid. Just be yourself. Do not imitate anyone to be interesting. Enough with simple makeup and a good attitude, he was more interested.

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