Hollywood Celebrities Hit The Pirates of Caribbean fashion


Hollywood celebrities are no longer ashamed to dress eccentric pirate. All that thanks to the Pirates of Caribbean, starring Johnny Depp. Adventure film has brought its own trend among artists, especially about fashion. As a form of support to these trends, the celebrated Hollywood celebrity … [Continue reading]

Fashion Accessories Will Add Color for Your Performance


In the world of fashion, accessories play an important role as a style and can also improve self-confidence. Although clothing is the main part of the dress, other factors that could support an attractive appearance are fashion accessories. Fashion accessories matching with your clothes to make your … [Continue reading]

Top 3 Scooter Accessories

scooter clothing

  This is a list of the top three things that you will need to get if you have a scooter. One of the main accessories that will be of most use … [Continue reading]

Koozies: A fashionable way to keep your beer cold

99 koozies

Keeping your drink cold and being fashionable don't usually mix well but Koozies are changing that idea. I was recently given a gift of a pair of … [Continue reading]

Improving Confidence Through Fashion

fashion confidence

There are many variables that aren’t controllable when trying to improve self-confidence. However, wearing new clothes you’ve just bought that you … [Continue reading]

Street style Trend : Polka-dot Design

Polka-dot design

Polka-dot, design has been known since 1854. At which time, fashion magazines in America showing this design. Polka-dot quickly spread in the pop … [Continue reading]